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Family Documentary Photography with Sarah Marshall Photography.

This is a new venture into Family Documentary Photography where I encourage families to "just be" as I photograph your family together.

I know as parents life gets so busy that we often forget to get our camera out or we don't feel up to being in the photos ourselves...

I want to remind you how important it is to exist in photographs WITH your children.

I encourage you to try and put the feelings aside of how you think you look right now.

Your children don't care if you're not "picture perfect". 

They love you and I am sure one day they would like to look back on photographs of their childhood with you in them too.

I truly believe it is important to display family photos in the home so that our children can feel a sense of belonging.
It shows that they are a part of something and in years to come they can look back and reflect on that time in their life.
This gives them a connection to heritage, culture and a sense of belonging.
All important for building self esteem for their future.

I spent two hours with the Mannagh family capturing things as they happened. I then ended the session with a portrait of the whole family on the deck of their family home.

Here's some of what Pip had to say:

"When we received our family photos, they brought tears to my eyes. I could feel the atmosphere, the dynamics and the love. They showed me that no matter how crazy you think you are, how dysfunctional life can be with three kids and a loyal dog that the mental dinner rush is more like a beautiful part of family life but is often buried in busyness, forever.

This is life; this is us. In all our rawness, our daily chaos and through the more challenging times."

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Would family documentary photography interest you?